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If you can sew, you can do just about anything! Including these simple decorative pillows. They usually cost an arm and leg for one piece and rarely do I find any that I really, really like. With that, I decided to sew some for the bedroom. 

The choices of color and material were easy since I already had a bedroom color scheme. The swatches were pinned to my vision board. Green and white were the colors of choice for simplicity and tranquility. For the pillows, I used green silk fabric.

The process is simple. Cut out the fabric to the size of pillows that you want. Use a pattern stencil and lay on top. I chose a damask pattern since our curtains also have the same pattern. With a hard stencil brush, take only a tiny (I mean TINY) amount of white acrylic paint and dab onto the fabric. Too much paint will bleed. 

Allow the paint to dry for a few hrs. then sew your pillows and stuff them. For closure, I added zippers. 

Not sure if it’s noticeable, but our white curtains, also custom made (by the husband!) reflects a similar damask pattern.

His side of the bed. Notice the book that I conveniently placed for him!

Don’t you love orchids?! They can be both masculine and feminine which work well for a his&her room. And a bonus, they last for up to 6 mths and rebloom at least once a yr.
I ended up making two sets, a larger one for the bed and a smaller set for the rocking chairs.

Go ahead, get your sewing skills on.

Til next post, Kellie.

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