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I think many of you will enjoy this post b/c if you are like us, the kitchen is our favorite place in the home. Many conversations, laughter, and silly dances take place in this space while my husband and I cook. And we LOVE to cook. It’s sort of a stress reliever and a fun activity rather than being a chore. 

However, it’s a space where I feel like is always a challenge to keep clean and tidy b/c of the lack of space or should I say the too much junk that we possessed. There was this wall which was pretty much an eyesore and we needed to give it life. It was easy enough to just hang a massive art on it and call it a day. 

But we wanted to take it a step further. The challenge was to make this wall work for us both in function and style. Because this wall is part of a narrow entryway into the kitchen, we can’t put anything too bulky. 

Before. Complete eyesore!

After! My husband actually thought of the genius idea to put two sets of shoe cabinets next to each other to give us more ‘kitchen cabinet’ space. Because these are shoe cabinets they are extremely narrow. Perfect for the narrow hallway. These were purchased from Ikea. 

Now we have room for all the extra lids and extraneous kitchen stuff. We also use these cabinets for snacks. The Paris poster was so perfect bc I wanted to give the space a Parisian feel. 

To upgrade the look of the bland shoe cabinets, we added these brass and glass knobs from Anthropologie. 

I also thought that these met my requirement for the Parisian feel. 

I love putting flowers into wine glass bottles. In general, we are not drinkers and we still managed to collect a few. So if you are a wine drinker, your selection must be plentiful!

We have pots of thyme and rosemary. It’s nice to have fresh herbs whenever you need them!

Til next post, Kellie

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