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A few yrs back, during our visit to Seattle, we were hosted by a gracious, lovely couple. Their home was one of the most modern and coolest spaces I’ve seen. Everything was clean, simple, functional. Although currently I’m more obsessed w/ the modern vintage, mid century style decor, I can certainly appreciate a very modern, edgy home w/ lots of light and open space. 

A white couch! I wish we had the courage to have a white couch. Would you dare?!One side of their walls completely opens up remotely (similar function to a garage door). You can’t bring the outdoors in more than this! Imagine all the fresh air on a fine, warm, breezy day. Great setting for an afternoon read, tea, and nap. Seen above, my husband is adjusting the screen to let the perfect amount of light in. 

The husband w/ one of their extremely friendly dogs. 

Those glass vases are so cool. They have pencil thin necks, perfect for those super flimsy, fragile blooms like ranunculus. As seen in the pic above, the couple used the vases for flowers in the pea family. 

In love w/ the 2 huge mac screens, esp b/c they are white. 

Beautiful concrete stairs. I’m not sure if I would be able to carry Zoey through these stairs. I would be too afraid of missing a step. 

This was their rooftop. What a million dollar view!

Earlier that day, we headed Pike’s Place. It was an amazing market with tons of local vendors w/ great produce and seafood. Love places like this. 

I was soooo amazed that there were many floral booths selling the latest blooms in season. It must have been my lucky day b/c there were so many peonies. I am OBSESSED w/ them. 

Peonies fit well w/ any modern and / or vintage space. At least in my book. 

The best part of it all was that they were dirt cheap. This bouquet set us back $5 bucks. Yes, FIVE BUCKS! It was a sin if I didn’t get one for our hosts. 

And when we left, they gave us these delightful chocolate treats. Some people are just too nice!

Til next post, Kellie

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