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Our ‘reading area’ in the bedroom just got a little facelift. Thanks to an awesome glossy modern white tray and some cherry blossoms! To read about a Designated Reading Area, go here.

LOVE the airy whiteness!

Use your favorite books as decorative pieces. What better way to describe your style than the books you read? Say something w/o saying anything at all. 

Love travel sized candle tins. 

I am IN LOVE w/ cherry blossoms! At least now I have them in my room to go ga ga over. 

Gold jewelry is becoming more of my favorite. 

Isn’t cool to see the flowers through the clear vase?!

Such delicate petals. 

Can you tell?! I couldn’t get enough of taking pics of these books!

Our Zoey. 

LOVE the delicate ruffled collar on this cashmere onsie. It’s so romantic and soft. 

Tiny precious feet. 

and hands!

The rosette ‘buttons’ are to die for! 

Caught her pulling on the curtains!

And this is how the space looks in the very early morning around 8am. LOVE the peaceful lighting. 

I made the silk decorative pillow above. For the tutorial, click here

Hope you have a fabulous space where you can get lost in your books. Even if they are just decor or cook books!

Til next post, Kellie.

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