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Two of my most favorite flavors of tea are peach + peppermint. I love drinking them when the weather is snippy. Peppermint gives you that refreshing, clean taste and is PERFECT for the holiday season. Peach has a sweet scent and I just absolutely love the flavor.

Since it’s no longer freezing outside and the sun now sets around 7pm or later, I’m craving for a cold, healthy (!) drink. Yes, sometimes I do healthy. So what is better than combining my 2 favorite flavors and making a Peach + Peppermint Iced Tea?! 

The weather was pretty close to perfect today. Made this drink while at my sis in law’s place. I love that her balcony has a view of the harbor and city. It is so gorgeous at night. Def. need some night shots here!

Some of you may already know that I LOVE Teavana. I’m sure that there are many other Tea companies out there that are better and more economical but for me, Teavana hits the spot. 

I use Peppermint + Rooibos Peach teas. 

Remember that everything can be altered according to taste. If you like sweeter iced tea, add more sugar, etc. Basically, I make a tea syrup b/c I don’t want to steep a whole pot of hot tea and have to wait for it to cool down. Imagine how long that would take?!

Here’s how to make Peach + Peppermint Iced Tea-

3/4 Tablespoon of Peppermint tea + 1/3 Tablespoon of Roobois Peach tea + 1 cup hot water + 1/4 cup brown sugar. Steep for about 30 mins. Allow the syrup to cool down in the fridge. Once you are ready to make the iced tea just add water to the tea syrup or vice versa. Easy as pie. 

For this glass jug, I first fill it with some tea syrup and to that I add water and ice. Mix well. 

Fresh mint from our garden! The cost of mint at the market is RIDICULOUS! A hand full for like 3 bucks. No way. 

Add some lemon slices for that extra refreshing taste. Plus, it looks good!

It’s so simple. Please go make your own iced tea! 

Btw, what are your favorite flavors? Please share! 

‘Til next post, Kellie

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