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Don’t our mothers deserve the best things in the whole world? Like many moms out there, my mom has always been a hard worker her entire life. Both of my parents have been through so much sacrifices and have had their fair share moments of heartaches raising us kids through our teenage years!

Mother’s day has never meant so much until this yr as I celebrate my first! It’s definitely the most challenging ‘job’ but oh so rewarding to witness Zoey’s milestones. 

While the day is not about fancy gifts, I like getting my mom quality pieces that’ll last. After all, a mother like mine deserves so much more and everything that money can’t buy- happiness, love, + good health. 

Last yr, my husband and I gifted each of our moms a personalized speedy bag. It gets tricky once the mom in law enters the picture- you kinda want the gifts to be fair and equal.

Gold hot stamped initials. 

So my father doesn’t feel left out, we also got him a matching wallet. 

My siblings got my mom this FABULOUS red Chanel bag. Red is her favorite color and you can’t go wrong w/ Chanel!

Red Camellia embossed. 

My husband and I RARELY celebrate any holidays w/ gifts for each other. It’s always been a simple card + flower exchange action and maybe a dinner. I keep all his cards over the yrs and relive the moments through them. 

What are your plans for Mother’s day?

Hope you have a great Mother’s day!

‘Til next post, Kellie

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