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Want dinner in 30 mins or less? You must try this simple and super healthy dish! Yesterday my husband and I whipped up dinner w/ some steelhead trout.

So he made the fish + salad and I conquered the couscous. Team effort! 

Ever since we traveled to Europe, arugula has been one of our very favorites. My husband made a vinaigrette consisting of fresh squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, fig jam, and salt + pepper to taste. So simple and super tasty! 

I used boxed pinenuts couscous which takes about 5 mins. to cook. I added some extra ingredients- sauteed onions/mushrooms and dried cranberries. I find that couscous doesn’t taste the same unless there’s an added sweet ingredient – usually any kind of dried fruit will do the trick. I’ve tried it w/ dried figs, cranberries, nectarine, prunes, + raisins. They are all equally yummy!

It was our first time trying this type of trout and we both admit it was super delish! It looks and tastes almost exactly like salmon. A must try! 

So he plated and I snapped! 

‘Til next post, Kellie

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