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I am no fashion guru by any means. And although the big name designers set trends w/ what goes down the runway, most of them would just look plain silly on someone like me. Don’t you have to be super skinny, have the perfect body, and 6 feet tall to wear those kind of stuff?!

I don’t have a set ‘style’ as my style changes depending on my mood, the seasons, the stars, and the moon, etc. I usually wear what I ‘dig’ at the moment and really don’t care if I’m breaking any fashion rules. To me being fashionable is not about what you’re wearing but how you are wearing it. So strut what you LOVE w/ confidence and don’t doubt yourself (well, you can after the fact)!

I currently have a mild obsession w/ lace. So what to wear w/ lace?! Leopard, I guess. Quite an opposite attraction.

LEOPARD: hard & edgy Vs.  LACE: delicate & feminine.

Zoey is STANDING!! I am one proud mamma.

I think that I’ve snatched the pencil lace skirt of my dreams.

Before my unhealthy obsession with gold tone jewels, there was silver. Silver was the ‘it’ tendency for me for a VERY LONG while until the gold rushed into my life. This time, I decided to give silver back the respect that it so rightfully deserves.

I’ve always wanted a shot w/ a clear umbrella and this was the perfect chance. It started to drizzle!! Although it last for like 5 mins…YAY for drizzles!

LOVE detail shots.


Def. more clear umbrella shots to come in the near future! All images via the talented husband, the man who taught me my photography skillzzz.

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What have you worn that’s not typically worn together? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


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