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Hello! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!! We didn’t do anything super adventurous but did managed a little kitchen makeover. Created an island out of a workbench! It was the husband’s genius idea as we have always wanted to get rid of our dining table for an island. The result is super cool and industrial looking which I LOVE!! Pics to show later.

Anyhow, what’s a trip to LA w/o visiting Rodeo Dr?! Here’s a few pics to share:

Can you see us? We kinda blend in w/ the wall!

This outfit was sooo super comfy!

Do I need a tan or what?!! Maybe it’s just the lighting. Yea…that’s it. 

In the middle of a plaza somewhere…

Ok. So lots of pics in front of the Chanel store b/c this was our first and almost last stop. Got to look at some of the bags and there were two that I absolutely adore. One of them is def. on my ‘next bag to get list!’

As always, Zoey can’t keep her hands off of mommy. Here, she’s yanking on my necklace! For under a yr old, Zoey has been such a jetsetter! She’s already hit Miami, Atlanta, New York, LA, Seattle, Cape Ann, Bahamas, + Vancouver. Many more fun adventures await this little person…

And a BIG “THANKS” to DADDY for always being a trooper and taking such FANTASTIC pictures of us girls where ever we go!

What designer must haves are on your ‘want list?’ Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

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