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Each yr we visit Russell Orchards at least twice for fall festivities. First, for apple picking and then for the pumpkins during Halloween. It’s one our New England traditions that we look forward to (and probably one of our favorites).

Of course when Zoey was born we still honor this tradition and brought her apple picking when she was merely 1 month old. Although she was too young to participate, it felt special to have this little person join us. 

We headed back to Russel Orchards this weekend, fairly earlier than when we would typically go.

If you live in the New England area or plan to visit during the fall season, Russell Orchards is a must go! They also have a cute little shop where you can find homemade hot apple cider and apple cider donuts. So yummy and heartwarming, perfect for those cool crisp fall days.

Even though we go apple picking each yr, this time felt completely different and new b/c Zoey is old enough to enjoy the experience. She had so much fun roaming around, picking apples, and eating them! For us, it was probably even more fun to watch her enjoy this new world around her. It was one of the best things EVER.

Now that Zoey’s able to walk (and kinda run), we can sneak and take pictures of her while she’s busy exploring the things around her. 

Super big girl now!

She’s a feisty little one. Won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Determined to get this apple!

Picked her first apple w/o mommy or daddy’s help.

This might have been a mistake, she was GLUED to this apple for the entire trip!

A very affectionate baby. She loves to give KISSES, especially on mommy’s cheeks!

OMG!! I really couldn’t believe how much her hair has grown until I saw this picture! We shaved her hair once when she was around 4 mths and haven’t touched it since. Her hair has fallen naturally into place, beautifully! She’s almost sportin’ a bob!

She is LOVING this apple way too much!

Today was super gorgeous. Felt like fall in the morning then it got super warm. Reminded me of those Indian summer days.

Won’t let go of her apple!

Truth is, Zoey can’t properly chew and swallow the apple bites. She sucks the juices then spits them out or sticks out her tongue so we can get them out for her.

What’s your favorite type of apple?

Biting the SAME apple again, and again, and again!

LOVING the apple juice.

We finally had to take the apple away from her and she wasn’t happy about that. She was dripped in apple juice, all wet, icky, and sticky! This is why I often have 2 extra pair of clothes in my bag.

This was Zoey last September at Russell Orchards. She was barely one month old and slept through the entire trip. How things have changed in just 1 yr! They TRULY grow soo fast.

What are your family traditions for fall festivities? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie

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