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Hello all! This post was meant to be posted YESTERDAY but I was experiencing internet connectivity hiccups ALL DAY and couldn’t post it (Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned & it’s still all OK). So here goes…

Sept. 13th, 2012 @ 8am, I was greeted in bed by daddy & Ms. Zoey with a scrumptious cake and a lovely card!

Exactly one yr ago, I was a brand new mommy to Zoey. I decided to quit the corporate world so I can focus on taking care of this little person. Secretly, I was afraid that my new baby wouldn’t be attached to me, wouldn’t like me that much if I didn’t spend enough time with her. And instead of her begging for my attention and clinging to me, I would be the one begging for hers (this is certainly NOT the case today!).

It was a personal decision that I don’t regret. I can’t imagine missing out on all her first times…holding her own bottle, reacting to my silly faces, crawling, falling, giggling, eating solids, etc.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss having ‘me time’, reaching for other goals & priorities in life, being part of a creative team, or facing work related challenges. Truthfully, being a full time mommy is by far the HARDEST job. There’s no lunch break or gossip sessions w/ your coworkers! Many times, I yearn for a break from mommyhood to recollect my thoughts & to breathe in some fresh air.

I was craving for balance in my life. I needed something flexible while allowing myself to be the best mommy and wife.

When Zoey turned 6 months, I started this blog (something I’ve always wanted to do). This blog serves as my creative outlet, my sanity break from mommyhood. Shortly after, came my Etsy shop, Le Zoe Scribbles, where you can find artworks designed by me.

Whew! This was all in one yr’s time…quit my job, mommyhood embraced me, and the inceptions of Le Zoe Musings & Le Zoe Scribbles! Can you tell I like staying busy?!

(had some for breakfast today!)

And speaking of Le Zoe Musings, this magnificent blog of mine! I have to say that I’m so proud of how much it’s grown! Nearly 5k followers across all social media outlets in 7 short months (I’m just a regular someone, so this means a lot to me)! My goal is to make Le Zoe Musings a positive, inspirational, & creative space for all my readers and it’s a vision that I will always strive for. This blog couldn’t have grown w/o all of you, my readers (some of whom have followed me since day 1!).

So to show my appreciation and a way of saying “Thank You!”, I’m giving away 15 (YES, FIFTEEN…I’m not crazy, I’m just a mommy!) of my prints (non-personalized)! To enter for your chance to win, you must be a follower of my blog, like my FB page, write a comment stating your interest, share which print you would LOVE to own and where this print will live in your home/office space. Open to all readers, US & ABROAD!

Here’s a quick glance at my artwork collection (8″x10″, printed on 100lb pure white high quality stock):

You can also visit, Le Zoe Scribbles, for a close up look at any of these prints.  Deadline’s Sunday Sept 23rd midnight eastern time. The 15 winners will be chosen from a random drawing and announced here on my blog, Monday Sept 24th!

This past yr has been such a turning point for me, so many great changes…

It’s true what they say, “When one door closes, several others open.” Certainly, if there’s a great opportunity knocking at my door, I will definitely consider embracing it. Until then, I’m content at exactly where I am- as a mommy, wife, and creator.

I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful life w/ the husband and Zoey and looking forward to celebrating many more bdays with them!

And if you’re wondering about my age, which I’m sure you are, I’ve passed the big 30 but haven’t yet reached the 35 yr old mark!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

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