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Hi all! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend so far! Each weekend, we try to take short nearby trips to different destinations. Since it’s fall, there are tons of fall festivities in neighboring New England towns.

Friday night, we went into the city for a music festival. It was pretty nice, there were tables filled w/ all sorts of crafty things for lantern making. Daddy made a whimsical red lantern for Zoey. We lit it and Zoey carried it around while we watched the music parade passed by in the streets. Cool beans!

Yesterday, we went to a Cranberry festival in the small town of Wareham (close to Cape Cod). The experience was breathtaking to say the least. This was our first time to a Cranberry festival.

We came there much later than intended. Zoey was having a TERRIBLE day! We made 3 pit stops along the way, one of which was an emergency stop along the  highway b/c she puked ALL OVER HERSELF during the ride! Needless to say, she didn’t get to wear her original outfit of choice. Traveling (w/ a baby) has never been the same! Bad days are not just for big people.

Hope you’ll enjoy this ride w/ me through these GORG pictures. I have to say, my hubs outdid himself, AGAIN. This man has some major innate photog skillz.

Because we came here w/ only 1.5 hrs left prior to closing, we headed straight to the bog bus to catch the cranberry fields. I regret that we didn’t get to enjoy all the other events/food that the festival had to offer! Next yr, for sure.

Of course I had to plan for us to integrate a few red pieces into our ensembles (us meaning Z & mommy, daddy doesn’t count). We WERE going to a CRANBERRY festival for goodness sakes! Respect the berries.

Zoey’s 2nd (emergency) outfit of choice consisted of a Jacadi cardigan, Gap bloomers, Gap leggings, and Polo high top sneakers.

Zoey feels the safest in mommy’s arms. As if she can conquer the world (she told me so).

I LOVE how intense and focus Zoey looks here as she curiously watches the helicopter. Great capture, hunnie!

Like apple picking, she was DETERMINED to get some cranberries.

This is a little CRAZY! Never seen so many cranberries in my life.

Donning the hubs MIT ring. He gave me this ring as a souvenir about 10 yrs ago and I’ve had it since. I think he just wanted to share a piece of his accomplishment w/ me. Yes, we have a LONG history!

While we were there, the sun was just beginning its initial descent. It projected this intense warm sunset color. Nature is simply beautiful!

Certainly a daddy’s (and mommy’s) girl! She is not spoiled just tremendously LOVED. There is a HUGE difference.

This capture got me speechless!

Enjoy the fall festivities w/ your loved ones!

PS. I LOVE fall fashion.

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