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This past weekend, we headed to Topsfield Fair. I haven’t been to a fair for the LONGEST time and this one didn’t disappoint. It had everything that a fair should have and much MORE… tons of fair rides, foods, events, shows, animals, etc. One of my fondest memories from attending a fair was when my brother and I rode in this really scary ride. He thought he was going to die at that point and screamed “I LOVE YOU!” Til’ today, I always remind him of that funny moment. He was probably no more than 10 yrs old and me about 14.

This was Zoey’s first time to the fair and she was dressed very Fall-appropriate, warm yet full of style.

I think that Zoey didn’t want to sit still and tried to wiggle herself out.

Fair food is so yummy. It just brings to you another world.

Zoey loves to listen to music so when we saw this local artist performing, she was so into it.

And when the little concert was over, Zoey clapped to show some appreciation.

She always has her own agenda.

Fall arrangements are so vibrant.

Chocolate covered bananas. Some of my all time favorite fair munchies are cotton candy and the classic smoked turkey legs.

Screaming Autumn is here!

Mums are such gorgeous fall flowers.

Zoey was terrified of the farm animals.

Magical fair lights.

A pot of bright yellow mums.

Daddy tried to play one of the games to win Zoey a HUGE stuff animal. He didn’t prevail.


Til’ next yr, Topsfield! Then, Zoey will be tall enough to ride the kiddy rides w/ mommy!

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