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I am not a red lips kinda gal. The last time I wore red lips was in high school and the only reason I know this is true is b/c I have pictures to prove it. Otherwise, I myself wouldn’t believe that I use to strut this bold color. Not sure how I had the courage to wear red back then. Well actually, I also used to have dyed blonde hair to go w/ my red lips!! I know…

During my last yrs of high school, I transitioned to bright coral lips. Then in college, I was a pink/nude lips fan. Ever since, I stayed faithful to this color tone. I’m not usually a risk taker, my hair is probably the same exact way (cut not color) as it was in high school. Nothing fancy, usually when it’s down I use a curling iron to give it some volume. If not, it’s usually in a bun or ponytail.

Secretly, I’ve been wanting to try red lips again despite the fact that either I’ll look like a clown or feel awkwardly uncomfortable. I do strongly envy those women who can wear red lips and own it! So classy, mysterious, and super confident!

So when my pals over at Gloss48 sent me a set of Besame Red Lipstick + Crimson Cream Rouge, I was ecstatic to give it a try. Honestly, I was a bit nervous putting it on. RED!! Wow, so bold and out there. I can’t hide from the crowd now!

Here I am w/ my RED lips!! What cha’ think?! I wore my hair down but in its natural state, super flat (this is my hair w/o primping). I usually don’t like my hair down like this (w/o curling) b/c I have fine hair and find that my hair looks too dull and limp.

How GORG are these Besame lip beauties?! Their packaging is truly magnificent, very vintage glam and romantic. The lipstick came in a luxurious red velvet pouch. Besame products have been featured in Mad Men and The Artist. Tres chic!

Talk about being super adventurous! Red lips and Leopard.

LOVE me a BIG ring! Can you believe I snatched this from f21 for a few bucks?!

I realized that applying red lipsticks would be much easier if I had a lip liner to create a ‘guideline’. I had to give it a couple of tries b/c the red kept going outside my lip border. With pink lips, that doesn’t matter much but w/ red you can def. tell if its uneven! Practice makes perfect and I have some practicing to do…

If you are falling in LOVE w/ the Besame lip combo, stay tuned b/c a Besame GIVEAWAY is coming this way in just a few weeks!! Don’t miss out for your chance to own this romantic, vintage glam product!

Are you a red lips fan? If not, would you have the courage to try it? Please share!

PS. I think that I’m going to wear RED lips more often.

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