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So I’ve joined the bandwagon of Instagramming! I hesitated for a while b/c how many social-media networks can one join? At a certain point, it just gets too much. But there has been numerous times while we were on the go that I wished there was a way for me to capture the impromptu moments (when my camera’s not handy).

My number one concern was that Instagram would take too much of my time. I wanted to share pictures in an instant (meaning seconds), anymore than that is not worth me investing my efforts into. To my surprise, it literally took me just seconds! Snap, effect, post! DONE.

I am, however, a little frustrated by two points: 1) You have to utilize a third party site to view your pictures via web (unless you autoshare to fb, etc.) I chose Webstagram.  2) The function to add a profile image on my phone doesn’t work!! Can’t be that hard! Super frustrating but I’ll figure it out (tips, anyone?)

Here’s a roundup of shots from last week to date…

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