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Happy Halloween everyone! Do you have exciting plans for tonight? Zoey and I are meeting up w/ daddy at work then heading out for some fun & exciting trick or treating adventures! This is Zoey’s first yr trick or treating (last yr, she was too young). Me and the hubs are thinking of dressing up w/ Zoey for the fun of it. We don’t normally wear costumes for Halloween (I don’t even remember if I ever!). But this time might be different…

Anyhow, if you are in a pinch for some scary Halloween treats, here’s a really simple and fun one to whip up! Scary Eye Cupcakes (everything is store bought and ready to go).

I got some store bought Halloween cupcakes and placed plastic eye rings on top. You can also use plastic spider rings, which are very inexpensive and easily accessible.

This is super fun b/c the kids (and adults) can wear the rings after they’ve enjoyed the treats!

And here’s us last Halloween:

Zoey was a teeny tiny pumpkin at 2 months old!

Enjoy your Halloween and be safe!

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