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Zoey is at the stage where she loves to participate and make herself useful. She loves helping mommy unload the dishwasher. She would give me an item (one by one) to put away as I call each out by its name. It’s a great way for her to learn what a spoon, bowl, or plate is.

We often do our grocery shopping during the weekends. It’s not as easy as in and out like it used to be prior to Z’s inception into the family. It’s quite a family affair. Aside from never sitting obediently in the cart, she likes to contribute to the shopping process. After all, grocery shopping has become what Zoey needs for the week. Lately, it has been all about her.

Below, I document the process via instagram!

The day started off w/ Zoey in silly pigtails (thanks to daddy!).

Grabbing whatever is w/in reach.

Apparently, we need about 20 boxes of chicken bouillon!

Oopsies…eating before paying!

Her tiny shoes.

Preparing to check out.


Still unloading…

Signing for daddy!

Home and exhausted but eager to help mommy unpack!

Have a GREAT Monday everyone!

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