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While in FL

Just a few quick pics of mommy + me while we were in FL…


Almost 16 months!


Pretty in lace.


zoey92zoey3zoey8Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Your photography inspires me SO much.

    What font do you use for the words in your pictures? It’s so simplistic, yet beautiful.

  2. She is adorable! A million years ago, ok maybe 14, my daughter was that cute. All I did was blink I swear, enjoy your baby she will be a teenager before you know it.

  3. lifestyletea

    I always enjoy your posts.. Little zoe is getting bigger!! awww xx

  4. What a fashionista! A beautiful princess for sure!! I just love the outfit, the lace bloomers and faux fur vest are to-live-for!!

  5. OMG, your girl is so adorable! Like her mom, btw!
    And your blog is amazing as well.

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