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My PROUDEST Mommy Moment!

Yesterday was probably one of the best mommy days of my life. Dropped Zoey off at daycare and left her crying hysterically as usual. Went about my bidness. I feel like my days off from Zoey has been full of errands and other mommy/wife duties. Not as relaxing as it should be like sitting on a rocker by the fireplace, sipping warm apple cider, and reading The Gospel According To Coco Chanel

All mommies deserve me days to unwind and recharge! 

I also did something very unusual… I didn’t even make check-up calls. I decided that it was time to just let her go (something I’m working on) and if they need me then I was just a phone call away.


It was time to pick her up. I was anxious to hear how her day went. Perhaps, probably as bad as the previous days. Just wanting mommy and won’t play, eat, or interact w/ her fellow classmates. I peeked into her room and there she was! Playing w/ her new friend, talking on the phone, and didn’t even have a clue that I was standing there observing for 2 long mins. I was so PROUD and happy that she was actually enjoying herself!

When we packed up her things to go home, lo and behold she didn’t want to go! Waved goodbye to me like I was leaving again. It was a joyous moment. She FINALLY built up the confidence to be w/o mommy!!  I heard the angels sing. 

zdec2On a side note, Zoey LOVES dancing! We turn up the music every night and dance as a family. Having a child makes you do childish things! We wonder if Z thinks that her parents are weird.

zdec3Another side note, Zoey has been getting so much better w/ her peek a boo’s. Usually, she covers her head instead of her eyes. These days, she’s a pro!

Back to my proudest mommy moment…I wonder if it was b/c I was able to set her free that gave her the courage to welcome new experiences in absence of mommy’s presence. Purely a coincidence or truly a connection b/w mother & daughter? I would like to believe that it’s the latter. 

Next independent milestone? Sleepovers at Aunt Helen’s!

As long as mommy ALWAYS come back, I think Z will be OK from now on! Fingers crossed. 

What is your proudest mommy moment? Please share!



  1. Separation anxiety is prevalent in Zoey’s age and phase of life. It’s good to know that you were able to balance it out. It’s nice to accompany one’s child to each milestone she had to undergo. But it would be better to teach him how to do and enjoy such milestone on his own. We have a making of a beautiful, strong, and independent Zoey here. That’s how a great mom would raise her child. Congratulations! ;)

  2. Wonderful post and heartwarming! My son is 10 months old. This week, he started standing up all by himself…so I guess that made me very proud. I have been showing off his moves to everyone who visited my home. : )

  3. It was definitely a mother/daughter connection! I had horrible postpartum anxiety/OCD soon after my little guy was born and when I was upset, he’d be upset and want me to hold him (my husband said it was his way of hugging mommy and trying to comfort her). It’s great that she’s coming into her own little by little. You give each other strength.

  4. For some kids they just seem to need enough exposures of the routine of ‘mommy leaves me here…….and mommy always comes back to get me’! Sounds like your daughter is starting to make the best out of her daycare time and have some fun. :)

  5. Loved your post….and your daughter is the cutest EVER! We mommies always want a little breath of fresh air every once in a while, but it’s crazy how quickly we miss our little ones, isn’t it?

  6. lifestyletea

    This is so gorgeous! Sounds like a very secure child – only has a loving mother to thank! hehe xx What a lovely post to read Kellie

  7. It’s definitely a mommy/daughter connection. She probably felt that you were less anxious about leaving her and that made it easier for her to feel less anxious about you leaving.

    • Hi Liz. You are soo right. It’s amazing how a mother and daughter connect w/o saying a word! Have a great weekend! Best, Kellie

  8. First of all, I LOVE your blog! Second of all, I totally relate to forcing yourself to NOT check in..they will call you if there is anything important! I absolutely think that this is the first step in being able to let go and in return she picks up on your vibe and feels more secure! I too am working on that with my twin 10 month olds! I’d have to say that my proudest mommy moments right now are indeed the ones where I can leave the house, enjoy my alone time without checking on them every half hour, and come home to see 2 happy little boys playing with daddy, or aunty, or nanny. They are happy to see me, and I am in a much better mother because I got some “me” time! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Suchdev- Thanks so much for your sweet sweet comment! I can’t believe you have twins!! Don’t know how you handle them, you must be a supermom. You def. deserve your me-times and I do firmly believe that after me-times, we are such better moms! Have a great weekend. Best, Kellie

  9. Your photos are excellent and your daughter is a cutie! Congrats on your big day.

  10. Bravo! I won’t be able to do it if it were me…. though don’t have a kid. And Lovely pictures today. Totally love this series!

  11. Such gorgeous photos. I love them! And so great to hear about such a big deal milestone for you guys. Even though I haven’t had to go through the daycare issue I know it would have been the most difficult thing for me. My son did go on a trip with his girlfriend when they were about 18 I think. They went on a Greyhound bus. I felt like I was sending them off to be murdered by all manner of crazy people. I cried all the way home. He is 32 now and a very manly, brave man who takes good care of his family. Oh shoot I got off subject. Too many proud moments now to think of just one.

  12. My proudest mommy moment was when my daughter spent her first day of kindergarten reassuring all of her crying classmates not to cry because mommies always come and pick you up at the end of the day. My little one was so used to going to her day home since she was six months old while I went off to work that it was normal to her. As usual, stunning photographs! ~Thea

    • Thea-That was soo sweet what your daughter did! She must have been soo cute doing it too. “Mommies always come and pick you up!” Aww…my heart melts. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! Best, Kellie

  13. Me

    Congrats mommy! We had this problem too with daycare. Most days she’s happy to be there, but some days we still get the tears.

    • Zoey gets tears in the morning but at least by the time I pick her up, she’s a happy camper. Works for me!

  14. ingridbistaco

    Im not a mommy yet :/ but she is special! so cute :) loved this post

  15. Awe! I know my son’s had a great day at daycare when I show up and he could care less about me. He no longer runs up to hug me…he runs and gets a toy to show me and then runs away to continue playing…

    • Meghan- That sounds like Zoey soon! She’s getting there, slowly but surely!! Have a great weekend! Best, Kellie

  16. Awwww bless her! She’s becoming a big girl thats what! Really happy for you cos I know exactly how you fee! I think it’s just a phase which she has now nicely overcome.. She’s such a cutie

  17. She is just so sweet. I am really glad she is finding a little bit of independence so you can have time to do what you need.

    • I know…don’t we all need a little break from our little munchkins? Soo cute but they can just wear us out!!

  18. It is indeed through your own inner self of letting go that has given Z the confidence – Z is an extension of you and papa, it is a spiritual connection. That is why, parents play a very vital role model because they watch you, they learn from you. Their fundamental years (till 13) is the only gift you can give to them for to become personalities of their own – their teenage years is their own road-trip and when something goes wrong, they subconsciously fall back to their fundamentals (which you have given to her). We were all young once :) Am so happy for you and for Z ~ xo!

      • :) I hope it has helped you – from all our observations and even caring for our friends children, we hope to have our own soon ~ xo

  19. Definitely agree… mommy’s all deserve me days- way to go zoey! I’m experiencing the same thing with my little girl… hope it works out as well as it did with you!

    • Wonderwoman- if Zoey can do it, so will your daughter. Zoey has come a VERY long way and I’m so glad that things are looking hopeful. I was feeling so terrible leaving her in daycare that I thought about taking her out. Thankfully, I didn’t and now she’s having so much fun!! Best, Kellie

  20. Sounds something great to be proud of, also be proud of yourself as well. Its not easy. I think they sense your fears and worries, so letting go a little probably did help.

  21. citychickcountrylife

    I felt the same way with my little sweet pea!

    • Aw..isn’t that the most awesome feeling? Seeing your little one so comfortable in his/her own world w/o you and having that confidence to be among others?

  22. This is just one of the sweetest posts ever. Though I am not a mommy myself (Yet!) it sure makes me more excited about becoming one.

    • Kendra- Thanks!! When your time comes to be a mommy, you will thoroughly enjoy the ride. It’s the best thing that can happen to a woman- to give life and care for another human being. I’m excited for you to experience it. Best, Kellie

  23. How exciting for you and Ms. Zoey. I remember that experience, although it has been over 7 years ago. Here I am starting all over again, not once, but two times. Thank you for your posts and the reminders.

  24. Congratulations – I remember that day when both my boys finally let go without tears – today they are 20 and 16 and I wish for those days once more!

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  26. I feel you! It’s sooo hard to let go and let someone else watch your baby. I also found that once I did, my son was able to also and had a great time at daycare. Good for you and the pictures of Zoey are gorg!

  27. I don’t have children, but I am so happy that you and Zoe both had a great day and that she has reached such an important milestone. As always, she is cute as a button!

  28. I so agree about needing me time! It keeps my sanity!

    Proud mama moment? Be able to stay sane when I was away from her for 11 hrs.

  29. Runner Girl Eats

    She is so precious! Glad you had such a great mommy day:)

  30. She sounds like such a secure little girl, and if that isn’t one of the most important things there are, then I don’t know what is. Being crazy about her mommy and at the same time having the comfort that you are always there so she can let go–there’s nothing better! So wonderful for you.

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