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On Christmas eve, we attended service at the Old South Church of Boston. A GORGEOUS church like the ones you would typically see in Europe with its exquisite architectural design and grande sky high arches.

The 1 hr service felt more like 20mins b/c it was so much fun. Girls were given wings to be angels and the night was filled w/ Christmas carols. The atmosphere was full of excitement (kids anxiously waiting for Xmas the next day) and warmth.

xmas eve9xmas eve2Zoey has several new facial expressions. Here’s one of them. Too cute.

xmas eve8xmas eveMommy and me in the Gordon (I think) room across from the main service room.

xmas eve7In her festive precious red dress.

xmas eve93xmas eve94This picture was taken from my phone w/o flash hence the bad quality. Just wanted to show that Z was such a cute angel that night (w/ her floppy wings)!

xmas eve6Here we are outside of the church. My husband used flash for this picture. Usually, I’m against using flash but I think it came out pretty well. Nice call, hunnie!

xmas eve4She didn’t want to stand in front of this door which is actually tiny but next to Z, looks huge.

xmas eve92We had to rush this picture b/c she was pulling on the petals!

xmas eve5Two massive wreaths adorned the two entrance doors.

xmas eve3Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great weekend & Happy Holidays!


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