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My husband and I came from VERY humbling beginnings. My parents immigrated to the States from Vietnam when I was just a few yrs old. Bringing four young girls with them, they spoke not a single word of English. My dad had two jobs, one of which was a newspaper delivery man.

Yes, there has been funny stories about it … like how he used to throw them all in the trash and said he did his job. We laugh about it now but it was very tough back then.

Fast forward to date, I can’t really remember all the experiences from my very young childhood but I do remember always wishing that we would live in ‘mansions’ like my school friends. Not in a tiny apartment with me and all my sisters sharing one bedroom. I always knew that day would come for us. And it came, but not without the help of many along the way.

I’m so thankful for those who’ve helped us and gave my family the opportunity to have this great life today. Grateful for the courage that my parents had. Grateful for this wonderful country for giving us educational opportunities. And because of this, it’s important for us to give back. B/c we were once the ones on the receiving end.

6ba465245b5411e2b4d922000a1fae83_7My oldest sister started this tradition of donating money to the villages in Vietnam so they can build wells for the local families. These wells can pump clean water to be used for bathing, drinking, washing, etc. No longer do the women have to walk miles everyday to fill buckets of water and schlep them back. All donations were listed under her children’s names and the well displays the name of the donor.

Following my sister’s footsteps, I started this w/ Zoey this past Thanksgiving. This was the first well (of many to come) that we donated and it has Zoey’s name as the donor. When she gets older, I want her to understand the importance of this donation and how she needs to learn how to be thankful, grateful, and give back to the less fortunate.

Who would’ve ever imagined that the little immigrant boy who used to clean toilets at a Law firm in high school, whose parents didn’t speak English, and lived on a meager salary to feed a family of 6, would one day practice as a Physician at the #1 hospital in the nation and sits as a Clinical Assist. Professor at Harvard Medical School? That little boy is my husband. So proud of him as a human being, a father, husband, and a professional.

And that little immigrant girl, ain’t too bad either nowadays. She’s also had a great education, obtained a doctorate degree, married to the most wonderful man, and has the most amazing little feisty baby girl. That girl’s yours truly.

Please choose a charity that’s close to your heart and give back whenever possible. It’s never too little or too late. It’s what makes the world go round. It’s what gives children hope and be the best that they can.

Have a GREAT Friday!


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