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Hello! Don’t you just love Saturdays? It’s always a family bonding day for us. Eating, shopping, and more eating. Zoey has always been so great being our little helper. She especially LOVES to assist with grocery shopping so I decided to get her her own little shopping cart. She had so much fun with it and was busy as a bee going down all the aisles.

satFor the longest time, our bedroom has been invaded by Ms. Zoey. It was so cluttered, full of random toys, books, junk, etc. I just about had enough and felt like I couldn’t breathe in my own bedroom anymore. Did a MAJOR cleanup a few days ago and now our bedroom almost seems bare. I miss those summer days, when there’s always some sort of blooms adorning our nightstands.

A vase of fresh roses can do my room some good right now!

And like everything else in our house, our bedroom is still a work in progress. My hubs custom built our queen size bed. The platform is still missing storage drawers. He also made the headboard and sewed a white silk covering for it. It’s also half finished- some tufting will make it complete! The problem is he’s getting as busy as ever at work so these projects will stay on the back burner until who knows when?! (I am banning him from further DIY house projects!!)

saturday on instagramIt was exciting seeing the Oriental markets stock up on Chinese New Yr treats. This only means that the New Yr is soon approaching!

On a side note, I am sooo looking forward to see both the Patriots and Falcons play tomorrow! It’s going to be a football fun filled day! (PS. As I’m typing this, the hubs brought me a cup of tea…so sweet!)

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