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Ever wonder what a candle holder is good for? Besides holding candles, obviously. Well, keep reading on…

mds2They make very elegant, unique, and whimsical mini dessert stands! WAYYY better than store bought!

I bejeweled the Boston creme pie doughnut with some pink sugar pearls and gold sparkly sprinkles.

mds5All you need are some random candle holders, mini glass plates, and a tube of super glue. Here’s how to in 4 easy peasy steps-

1. Apply super glue to the opening rim of the candle holder 2. center the plate to the rim of the candle holder and press firmly to adhere the two surfaces 3. place a few hardcover books on top of the plate (the pressure + weight of the books will prevent the two surfaces from separating while drying) 4. allow to dry overnight

Yes! It’s that simple.

mds6mds3This brass candle holder is so gorg…

mds4And it’s only 99 cents! You’d flip if I told you that I bought the candle holders and plates at the thrift store and only at 49 cents to $1.99/each! I made two beautiful stands for LESS than $5, total. Yes, I DID!

mdsI have a TON of accessories but lack of accessory storage space. This diy dessert stand can also double as a jewelry stand. What an eye-pleasing and convenient way to organize my jewels!

diy mini jewelry stand

Imagine all the combination possibilities of candle holders and plates. Each stand uniquely made by you. Hope you’ll give this project a try!


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