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Yesterday I suffered from a mild case of blahs and today, I’m digging me some hot red with lace! Yes, I’m talking about Valentines. No, I’m not dressing up in red lips with lacy lingerie. Who does that (anymore after marriage AND a baby)?!

It’s all about NAILS. I think one of the easiest and most affordable way to make a gal feel pretty, confident, and happy is getting her nails did. That was the first thing I did yesterday when I was feeling just a little bit sluggish. Removed my dark winter nails and opted for an uplifting, vibrant pink.

This morning my sister-in-law dropped by and brought us some treats for Chinese New Year.  We chatted and I painted her nails hot red. Added lace decals to some of her fingers and she was well prepared for Valentines!

red lace nails2Pretty and romantic!

red lace nails6You’ll need your FAV red nail color + some lacy nail decals (at most drugstores).

red lace nailsSome nail art are just plain tacky. These, I can live with.

red lace nails4The decals are basically stickers that you stick onto a clean buffed nail surface. File away the excess and finished with a shiny top coat.

red lace nails5One of my most favorite red.

red lace nails3Dress up your nails for Valentines, you’ll feel MUCH better!


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