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Join Bond Twenty!

Outside of Le Zoe Musings, I also work at Bond Twenty as Art Director. Bond Twenty is growing and we’re looking for enthusiastic and motivated Bond Twenty Ambassadors! Interested in finding a job in fashion, interior design, PR, blogging, social media, or something in the… Read More

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Spring Trends 2016

We are bracing for a potential snowstorm this weekend! Spring is definitely not in the air but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the fashion trends that are hitting the stores soon. If you’ve been following the fashion scene, you probably already know what’s hot (or… Read More

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Enjoy Today!

Hope everyone’s having a great day! There’s not much going on here in my little corner of the universe just a little reminder to “Enjoy Today!” Sometimes life is hard or disappointing but I can assure you that it’s not really as bad as you… Read More

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Hello Bond Twenty!

Last year, I received a note from Lauren, the founder of Bond Twenty asking if I’d like to contribute to the site in some way. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention because in all honesty, I receive random emails to contribute all the time. I replied… Read More

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The Z Update

I haven’t done a Zoey update in the longest time. My young lady is now almost 4.5 years old. She’s grown to be such a well-behaved, polite and outspoken little person. Yes, although she can get down lo’ shaking her thang as seen HERE, she is… Read More

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Winter Sips

Zoey has been on her winter break for the past couple of weeks. We definitely took advantage of her time off and spent a lot of quality time together. We saw The Good Dinosaur, baked sugar cookies and last week went on a little cafe… Read More

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Happiest New Year!

Can’t believe 2016 is here! There are so much to be thankful for as the years go by. I’ve learned to realized that despite all of the achievements that we are constantly chasing after; the most important things in life are already there. I’m so… Read More

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Christmas Morning

Just a really short and sweet post… A few quick snaps of our Christmas morning where the kids wore matching jammies and mommy and daddy took no part of it. It was very challenging to get the kids to take pictures before opening their presents… Read More

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On Christmas Eve…

Christmas has come and gone but the memories still linger on. It was nice to finally be home this Christmas and start building holiday traditions with the kids. On Christmas Eve, while Axel was still in school- Zoey and I baked cookies for Santa. We… Read More

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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve and I still don’t have everything ready. Most presents are still hidden and unwrapped, we haven’t baked cookies for Santa and we’ve yet to figure out where to go tomorrow night for church service. The… Read More

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My Home Holiday Decor

I know what you’re thinking. I’m crazy with all the holiday decor going on in my house. You’re probably right. It’s a bit insane but you can’t blame a girl for being in the holiday spirit! Can I say that I’m doing it for my… Read More

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My Holiday Coffee Table

As you may know, I love keeping my house happy and cheery for the holidays! Here’s my current coffee table situation. Aside from the fresh greenery, everything else I’ve had for years so it was just a matter of restyling them collectively to fit the… Read More

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DIY Snow Globe Village

Right after Thanksgiving, the kids and I worked on assembling gingerbread houses. We ended up making four mini-gingerbread houses, displayed them on a cake stand, popped a lid over them and called them our little snow globe gingerbread village. To add to the snow globe… Read More

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Thanksgiving 2015

Each year holidays get more and more special. Zoey is four and Axel is almost two so they are participating in all the holiday decorations and preparations. This Thanksgiving, we hosted at our house and Zoey helped out with a bunch of stuff. She was… Read More

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Gift Wrapping Made Simple

There are tedious ways to do things. And then there are smarter ways. Today, I’m teaming up with Hallmark to show you how gift wrapping doesn’t have to be such a messy chore. Right before Thanksgiving, I tend to watch as many holiday cooking shows… Read More

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Catching Up on Me-Time

It’s hard sometimes to catch my breath. I feel like I’m always running around with a million things on my to-do list and each day the list grows bigger and bigger. Most of the time, I put the pressure on myself as I like to… Read More

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Sleeping with Eve

Christmas came early with Eve and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our bedroom has really become our family room- literally. We spend mornings in bed cuddling with the kids and watching their favorite shows. At night, there are bedtime stories and more of watching their… Read More