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Spring in My Living Room

If you are both a Spring and home decor lover, you’ll appreciate this post. Here’s what’s happening with our living room as of late. The highlights? Cherry branches from our backyard, gold wallpaper c/o Graham & Brown, and of course the one and only troublemaker,… Read More


Flashback Friday: Mommy & Me

We all live for that one moment. For me, it was when Zoey came into our lives. We couldn’t have been more prepared for her arrival. We were financially, physically, and emotionally stable. Then she arrived and basically rocked our world. Threw us for a… Read More

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Green Tea Frappucino

You’ve probably already heard about all the great health benefits of green tea right?¬† It’s loaded with antioxidants, improves brain function, helps with weight loss (!), and may lower the risk of cancer. Here’s a popular frozen drink that you can have as much as… Read More

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The Connection

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of personal notes from my readers that really really touch my heart. I started this blog to share all the creative things that I naturally love to do. I honestly never thought about being an inspiration to anyone nor… Read More

Carrot Salad with Bacon Bits + Pecans by Le Zoe Musings Banner

Carrot Salad With Bacon Bits and Pecans

Happy Thursday! Just wanted to share a salad that I made recently. It’s a multi-color carrot salad with maple-candied bacon bits and honey roasted pecans. Top with just a really simple olive oil and lemon vinaigrette. I got these organic carrots from Trader Joe’s. When… Read More

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Spring Style: In Bloom

Slowlyyyyyy but surely we are crawling out of the lingering winter weather. Depending on where you live, you may already flaunt dresses and flip flops like months ago. However in¬†Boston; we like to take things a tad bit slow. Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms haven’t bloom… Read More

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Coconut Flower Popsicles

Scorching Summer days have not yet arrived but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a popsicle or two. But if you know me, a popsicle isn’t just a popsicle. It’s gotta be amazingly tasty and gorgeous. These Coconut Flower Popsicles are just that. Made with… Read More

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Bedroom Bench

If you are heading into the week with a bit of Monday blues; I hope that this post will put a smile on your face and give you some inspiration. For over two years, I haven’t caught a case of the Monday blues. In fact,… Read More