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Miso Soup

Ever wonder how to make Miso soup? You know the soup that typically gets serve at Japanese restaurants? It’s actually very very simple. All you need are just a few ingredients and probably about 10 mins. of your precious time.¬† Made some for lunch. I… Read More

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Truffle Foie Gras Sandwich

I HEART Foie Gras. I HEART Truffles. Put them together? Just pure heaven! Yesterday, as a snack, I made two little seared Truffle Duck Foie Gras sandwiches. It was just the perfect midday filler. Seared Foie Gras in a way reminds me of Roasted Bone… Read More

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Fancy Your Cheese!

I’m all about easy entertaining and creating yummy, eye-pleasing food that are just plain ol’ simple. ¬†Yesterday, I fancied my favorite cheese wheel with dried fruits, nuts, and honey. It was perfect for snacking throughout the day. Avoid the cooking and mess! Difficulty level- SUPER… Read More

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Vietnamese Springrolls

Can’t believe I haven’t done a spring roll post yet! We usually enjoy this healthy dish almost once a month. And a lot more often during the summer and spring time with greens and herbs from our garden. This is a great option for those… Read More

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Panko Fried Eggplant

You haven’t had fried food unless you’ve had fried eggplant. And you haven’t made fried food unless you’ve made them with panko. PERIOD. Bold statements there, I know. But TRUST ME on this. How delish does this look?!!! I usually use newspapers to soak up… Read More

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Pan Seared Betel Wrapped Pork Rolls

Last week I made pan seared betel wrapped pork rolls, which was inspired by a very popular and traditional Vietnamese dish, grilled betel wrapped beef rolls (bo la lot). Bo la lot is marinated ground beef wrapped in betel leaves and grilled to perfection. This… Read More