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Vietnamese Ca Phe

Hello! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Tuesday! It’s been a lil crazy around here. My Z hasn’t been feeling well hence skipping daycare so this mommy has been in full throttle mommy-mode. Lots of hugs, kisses, late night coughing, tissues, and snots! Yes, it’s not… Read More

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The weather outside is super gloomy and the sky is prepping to give us a heavy, unrelenting downpour. The only thing I feel like doing when Ms. Zoey finally snoozes is to have some ME TIME enjoying a frothy hot cup of cappuccino while reading… Read More

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Espresso Friday

Happy Friday! Have you gotten your coffee fix yet for the day? I LOVE the smell and taste of coffee but can’t stand the rapid palpitations that come along with it. So my solution has always been decaf coffee.  The weather here has been sort… Read More

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Blenz Coffee

Similar to Starbucks in the US, Blenz Coffee dominated the streets of Vancouver as the ‘go to’ coffee shop. We frequent this cafe to rest, enjoy a cup of joe, and connect to the web. Blenz @ Steveston.  Would LOVE to know how to make… Read More

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Morning Espresso { Decaf }

7:00am. Peaceful Monday morning.  The husband is getting ready to head off to work. Zoey is still in dreamland. I am preparing to get some work done before she wakes up. Today the sun feels different. Somehow I feel more refreshed, peaceful, and this morning… Read More