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Thai Iced Tea

Are you a fan of Thai Iced Tea? You know that pretty orange tea often served at Thai restaurants? Well, I certainly am but tend to cringe at the price tag that comes w/ them. This is b/c I know how EASY and inexpensive it… Read More

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Blueberry Limeade

Here’s a thirst quencher that looks and tastes AH-MAZING! I was totally inspired by the lemon balm from our garden. Their scent is very similar to lemongrass. Very refreshing and lemony.  I had blueberries and lime in the fridge- ta da! An idea was born.… Read More

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Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

I’ve been a smoothie Queen ever since my sister got me a Vitamix. I use it everyday primarily to whip up super healthy drinks for my Z. Since the weather has been getting warmer (although not warm enough!), I’ve made some yummy and refreshing combinations… Read More

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Food Diary

Good morning all! I’ve been up since 5:45am, it’s a little crazy how my wake up call schedule has been so early since entering mommyhood. Gone are those college days when I can barely get out of bed to make it to a 2pm class!… Read More

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Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte

That time of the yr is inevitably approaching. The time when the foliage begin their natural color change, the air is crisp, and falling in love (all over again) is ideal. The first gift that I ever received from my husband (also happened to be… Read More

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Homemade: Thai Bubble Tea

I am a tea lover and Thai tea is one of my absolute favorites! You’ll usually find them at Thai restaurants for about $3/glass. Really?!! Why so expensive when you can easily make this drink at home for about a fraction of the price? I… Read More

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Infused Water {homemade}

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was great. My sister from NYC came to visit Ms. Zoey so we spent some quality family time w/ her. Sat night, we had a yummy Korean bbq dinner at the sis in law’s new place. And yesterday, while… Read More

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Peach + Peppermint Iced Tea- DIY

Two of my most favorite flavors of tea are peach + peppermint. I love drinking them when the weather is snippy. Peppermint gives you that refreshing, clean taste and is PERFECT for the holiday season. Peach has a sweet scent and I just absolutely love… Read More

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Recycle Wine & Water Glass Bottles

I like keeping empty wine/water glass bottles and using them as vases. You can’t get more simple and inexpensive than this. And the result is STUNNING! The different hues of green along w/ the unique shapes + heights make for an interesting flower arrangement tablescape. Add… Read More

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Taro Milk Bubble Tea

Yes, I love hot beverages. Especially times like this when the sun seems lost, outside is damp, and the weather is still chilly enough to sit by a fireplace. However, today I was just done sipping hot cappuccinos and teas. The craving was for something… Read More

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DIY- Artichoke Tea

If you have never had Artichoke tea, it’s about time you make some. It’s so refreshing and super easy to make. Literally. If you know how to turn on the stove, you can make this. Here goes.  Start w/ a fresh artichoke. Boil for about… Read More

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A Cup of Cappuccino.

Made my sister a cup of decaf. cappuccino this morning. Cream/milk was substituted with organic soy milk. Def. a healthier alternative! The best part of any cappuccino is the froth. I can drink a cup full of froth and be satisfied. Amazing how much froth… Read More