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Figs, Pecans, and Cheese Toasts

It’s only 3pm and the day is over, literally! Not sure about where you live, but here in Boston it gets dark by 4:30pm. The days are cut short by 4 hrs as opposed to summer. This makes it harder to shoot food posts b/c… Read More

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Fruits and Ice Cream

Nothing too fancy here… just some vanilla bean ice cream topped w/ figs and blackberries. A quick and sorta pretty way to dress up the usual. Enjoy your desserts! PS. I think I heard Zoey called me “MA” today (for the first time ever)! I… Read More

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Honey Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Figs

Sure. We all know that everything tastes better with bacon. And we’ve heard of bacon-wrapped figs. Well, I’ve taken this dish and elevate it with a honey-dipped rosemary infusion with an optional side of orange + honey balsamic vinaigrette. Sounds FANCY, eh? Fancy, yes. Complicated,… Read More

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Revisiting Barcelona

The most impressive thing about Barcelona was this massive outside food market. It had everything imaginable and was one of the most spectacular sight I’ve experienced.  In the public train station- shot taken by the talented husband. The lightest and yummiest croissant ever- w/ ham… Read More