Self Reflect

As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I find myself self reflecting more and more. I  guess it must be a natural thing as I suppose everyone does this with age. I am more aware of my actions and how they affect others, especially those close to me.

Are my words hurtful? If so, who am I to hurt someone else’s intentions? With awareness comes filtering. 

Self reflection has never been more important than now that I am a mother. Zoey touches my face as I put her to bed, stares at me when I hold her, and I wonder what she sees. I hope she sees a caring mother, a loving wife, and a driven woman looking back at her. 

As I often self reflect, usually in the most quiet moments of the day i.e. in the morning over a cup of green tea, I can only hope to be all these things. 

Do you reserve moments during the day to self reflect? 

Till next post, Kellie.


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