I (impatiently) wait for thee.

I count my blessings. This winter has been so mild, unlike the past where we were greeted with multiple blizzards by this time of the year. To make matters worse, I was pregnant. Pregnant, winter blues, blizzards, and lack of daylight- it’s a recipe that doesn’t mix well. 

This season’s mild winter has caused confusion. The birds are chirping in the morning and the daffodils are peeping through the ground as if spring has arrived. For me, there’s no confusion. I can smell when spring is in the air. And only when I begin to witness the buds of the cherry blossoms, to me, spring has not yet sprung. 

Then, my room will be surrounded by the short lived blossoms. They are the first thing I see in the morning and the last when I sleep. 

Greeted by the morning rays. 

These have pinkish petals but there are also white ones, known as Yoshino, which are my favorite. 

Living in the moment until they vanish. I will have to wait (impatiently) until spring to see them come to life again.

Lucky for me, this winter might be very short lived and the blossoms will soon appear.

Til next post, Kellie.

3 thoughts on “I (impatiently) wait for thee.

  1. Thanks for liking a post @ RatnamResidence! Took a peek at your blog… beautiful pictures above your bed… LOVE them! Must be very calming to wake up to in the morning (especially if your little one is like mine and is quite a loud alarm at 4am!)


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