Silk Decorative Pillows

If you can sew, you can do just about anything! Including these simple decorative pillows. They usually cost an arm and leg for one piece and rarely do I find any that I really, really like. With that, I decided to sew some for the bedroom. 

The choices of color and material were easy since I already had a bedroom color scheme. The swatches were pinned to my vision board. Green and white were the colors of choice for simplicity and tranquility. For the pillows, I used green silk fabric.

The process is simple. Cut out the fabric to the size of pillows that you want. Use a pattern stencil and lay on top. I chose a damask pattern since our curtains also have the same pattern. With a hard stencil brush, take only a tiny (I mean TINY) amount of white acrylic paint and dab onto the fabric. Too much paint will bleed. 

Allow the paint to dry for a few hrs. then sew your pillows and stuff them. For closure, I added zippers. 

Not sure if it’s noticeable, but our white curtains, also custom made (by the husband!) reflects a similar damask pattern.

His side of the bed. Notice the book that I conveniently placed for him!

Don’t you love orchids?! They can be both masculine and feminine which work well for a his&her room. And a bonus, they last for up to 6 mths and rebloom at least once a yr.
I ended up making two sets, a larger one for the bed and a smaller set for the rocking chairs.

Go ahead, get your sewing skills on.

Til next post, Kellie.


13 thoughts on “Silk Decorative Pillows

  1. I’ve been exploring your blog. Your photos are beautiful. I wish I have the skill to change photos into something more retro looking. I need to take courses! I love your sense of style. I also love design and photography like you!


  2. I love the pillows–how beautiful! I’d love to try something similar. How “set” is the paint once it dries? Would it rub off if it got wet (either accidentially or from washing)? Also, where did you get the stencil? Great post!


    1. Hello! The paint stays on pretty permanently- doesn’t rub off at all w/ washing. At least not for me! Stencil at Michael’s. They ALWAYS have 40% off coupons on their website so use that! Enjoy. Let me know how it goes!


  3. Silk……even the ‘word’ evokes elegance! I have many pieces left from the days I had my sewing business (bridal and formal wear). Those are gorgeous and certainly add to the serene ambiance of the room. And orchids!!! Couldn’t be more perfect! Hugs, Doreen


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