Barcelona ~ Tapas

For our honeymoon, we opted for a European tour. Barcelona was one of our destinations. One of my most memorable experience was devouring all the array of tapas.

This was where I was initially introduced to the world of tapas and the variety of its existence in Barcelona was out of this world. And what better place to be introduced to something for the first time than the place of its origin?

This was where we stayed, in the heart of bustling city. Our condo was rented from one of the locals. This gave us a chance to witness how the locals live and to submerged ourselves into their lifestyles for a week. 

Decor of this restaurant was so hip. $15.50 Euros gave you an all inclusive meal consisting of many tapas including drinks. 

My most favorite was definitely the potato wedges with spicy mayo!

Seafood Paella. As good as it looks!

Overwhelmed by all these tiny bites? So was I. Joyfully overwhelmed. 

I love spicy food. I love fried food. So the fried peppers were heavenly!

And of course, how do you burn off all those calories?! Shopping. What can $6 US buy you? These gorgeous bracelets. 

Wearing one of my newly acquired bracelets!

Til next post, Kellie


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