Foodgawker + Tastespotting Approved!

I’ve always been in aw at the amazing food photography on foodgawker + tastespotting. Even if the recipe doesn’t tastes nearly as good as the picture looks, at least you would never know. 

Yesterday was a great day! My escargots and lobster corn chowder w/ bacon postings made it to the pages of tastespotting + foodgawker, respectively. 

It must have been that they were impressed with my photography skillzzz, or liked the postings, or I am just plain old lucky. Regardless, I am officially ‘in da club!’

Go to: Foodgawker

Go to: Tastespotting

You must check out these sites. Maybe you will be inspired to bake your hunnie a dessert, just in time for Valentines!

Til next post, Kellie


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