Mommyhood welcomes me!

It was perfect timing. I’ve been with my husband for over 10yrs (although we’ve been married for only a few). Financially, we were stable enough to care for another human being. Emotionally ready- everything ready. 

So here I am, ready for a baby. I hear that the baby needs to be fed every 2 hrs or so around the clock for about 3 mths. I hear that the 1st 3 post-natal mths are kinda like the 10th mth of pregnancy b/c the baby is adopting to its new environment. I get that. I was ready. 

And then I was greeted by Zoey. The little person that I have created, wanted, and ready for.  And boy, I was wrong. Did that little bundle of cuteness proved me wrong!

I wasn’t ready to understand why she cried endlessly and can’t be soothed. I wasn’t ready for why her skin was super sensitive to all kinds of different baby washes. I wasn’t ready for the challenges of breastfeeding or going on the next day like a zombie who hasn’t slept in 58493 hrs. The list goes on, and on, and on.  

I soon realized that readiness didn’t matter.  Because really, how can you be ready to be a mother when you haven’t ever been one? What kept me going was the desire to be a mother. 

Mommyhood has been the most challenging thing that’s ever happened to me. And yet, it brings so much rewards. There is such joy in witnessing your baby’s first smile, first tooth, first bath, and yes, first poop (I’ve not gone crazy)!

For the first time ever, this tiny, precious human being relies on me entirely to give her the best in life, to teach her everything she’ll know, to listen to her ga ga stories, and to comfort her when no one else can (super clingy!). Hmm, sanity might end soon!

Until you are a mother, you don’t know how a hand can be so tiny, how a cheek can be so soft. say it bluntly…’retarded’ you look talking to a baby like there really is a real conversation going on. You just don’t know, until you are a mother.

Til the next post, Kellie


33 thoughts on “Mommyhood welcomes me!

  1. thanks for sharing this post with me, I guess you are so right, there’s no way we can prepare ourselves to the most adventurous moment of our lives no matter how many books we read how many classes we take. yesterday I was chatting with a friend who just got pregnant too and she said she’s afraid of the motherhood, the responsibility it comes with. I told her Im not so much because I know it’s going to be tough but the natural will help us and gives us instinct to learn it fast and know the baby as no one else can’t, we should we able to manage. I’m hopeful and looking forward to what comes next! 🙂


  2. Great pictures-she is gorgeous. Cute name-my oldest is called Chloé, but everybody keeps calling her Zoey, because it´s an uncommon name where we live ( Scandinavia).


    1. I love Chloe too. Very modern and chic, that was actually one of our choices. Anyhow- I can’t believe that you are from Scandinavia! I love the show New Scandinavian Cooking- the place is so gorgeous!


      1. I haven´t seen that show-I will have to check it out! You should visit Scandinavia if you get a chance. The cities are really different from the US & there are lots of historic builidings & there are proud traditions when it comes to architecture. As you might know we have some of the best chefs in Denmark where I live. You can also check out my blog for scandinavian design : )


  3. You know, it is so true! You can tell people that having a kid is amazing, it is a blessing, it is the hardest thing ever, but they just won’t get it until they have their own!
    Thanks for sharing, I so agree!


  4. Dats so just dont know..until you are a mother. My mum used to say the same, for yrs n yrs together, in each phase of my growing up with her – you will understand when you are in my shoes…Yes, I…I’m a mother:-)


  5. yep. when friends i know without kids ask me how they can know if they’re ready for kids, i always say that beyond logistical things, there’s nothing that prepares you. babies are little hazing machines. their existence brings high highs and low lows. and that’s my best description of the reality of being a mother: it has expanded my emotional territory in all directions. i feel joy and love deeper and i experience anxiety and exhaustion and depression deeper too. motherhood has taken my emotional landscape and given it more depth and beauty and risk.


  6. Congratulations on parenthood! It’s easy if you’ve got a leash! It should be a fun ride.

    There’s nothing sweeter than looking at your future straight in the eyes and blowing kisses on his/her nose…


  7. I love this! Felt very much the same way. Ready, and I thought I understood what being a mother was – but there really is no way to understand until you ARE a mother!


  8. Don’t let comments that begin with ‘just you wait…’ put you off enjoying your child – forever! I was shocked when people only ever wanted to mention how it gets harder when I had my first. But each new stage is beautiful and we’ve enjoyed our babies every step of the way right up till now they’re 18 and 21! Enjoy your child, the time goes so quickly – you’ll be pleased to know that also goes for the challenging bits. Kids are wonderful aren’t they! x


  9. Hi Kellie, such a great pics. Your daughter looks so lovely. Motherhood is not easy, once you think you will caught you by surprise that…uhhhhh nooo you don’t get it. I got 3 children different age groups: 12, 8 and 5…They all got their different ways and unfortunately none of them came with a manual ha.ha.ha….But somehow they will tell you things and do stuff and you will see a bright light. That’s where you think AHA…..I must have done something right…Just Enjoy all the little moments and always feel blessed for what we got


  10. Beautiful baby, congratulations and yes motherhood can change your definition of sanity but it’s totally worth it and the most perfect insanity you can imagine (somehow a glimpse of your baby’s smile will totally make up for an hour of screaming and crying for no reason — even toddler tantrums).


  11. I was a midwife for many years before I left the UK 2 years ago. I have 2 grown ups! But even with all my midwifery knowledge, it didnt mean a thing. The change to motherhod is enormous…….No one is perfect. Just do your best. Dont be afraid to admit you dont know or ask for help and advice. There will be tears and challenges but waking up to that smile on a morning is the best….


  12. All so true. And as hard as it continues to be, some of my best rewards in life have come from the smiles of my children. They truly are blessings. And your little one is absolutely adorable!


  13. Yes Kellie, take it from an old pro at motherhood, it will be one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors of your life. Just wait til she hits sixteen and wrecks your car or twenty three and thinks she knows more than you ever will or dates a boy you absolutely cannot stand! Lol. But, I must have done a few things right because she’s a stellar young lady. There’s nothing equal to a mother’s love. Best of luck to you, the baby is gorgeous. : ) Jhan


  14. God Bless you!!! She is too cute for words…. I am 7 months pregnant and counting down the days until I meet my lil gentleman. Funny enough I thought I was having a girl and wanted to name here “Zoe” so seeing this post tickles my heart…. We are having a boy and we are anxious, excitied and scared….. Enjoy your precious gift..

    Simply Studded


    1. Oh and don’t worry about feeling weird talking to your baby.. Do it in public, dance for them, make the funny faces. If anyone gives you a weird look for being a great mom they are just jealous!


  15. She is adorable. Zoey was going to be our girl name if we had a girl. Just love the name and it fits her little cute self.


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