Previous Summer Harvest

This post is fairly inappropriate for this time of the year but I so miss the warmer days. Days when my husband and I would go to our plot and just garden away! We get so excited to see our efforts turn into healthy, organic, edible foods.  

This coming summer will be extra special and more fun b/c we will have Zoey to share the gardening experience with. Then, she will be walking and I can already  envision her prancing around in the garden, knees bent in the soil with dirty tiny fingers. Precious moments are awaiting and I can hardly wait. 

Here are a few of our harvest from previous summers. 

Variety of carrots.

Love these blue fingerling potatoes! 

Our raspberry bush has 2 different kinds and they are so abundant! We don’t have enough energy to pick them all. With Zoey, things might be different. 

These plums are so good- crunchy, tart, sweet. Everything a plum should be. 

Each yr we have a garden party and each gardener brings a dish that is made with fresh ingredients straight from their harvest to the summer potluck. Gina is one of the veterans at the garden and she is such a sweet and generous Italian lady. This was one of her contribution. 

 Another one of Gina’s. 

Sarah’s zucchini nut bread. Out of this world yummy!

Life is about these tiny moments. The best part of all is having a great man who loves to do everything that I do! 

Til next post, Kellie

6 thoughts on “Previous Summer Harvest

  1. It all looks so yummy! I love fresh raspberries right off the bush. They make a lovely tart. The fingerling potatoes with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh rosemary sounds delicious!


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