A Designated Reading Area.

We created a space in our bedroom designated to be our reading area. It really doesn’t serve its original purpose b/c we rarely read books and most our readings are on the computer. I do browse through magazines and recipe books, however those are done on the comfort of the bed or couch. 

Instead, we utilize the space during the spring and summer time w/ the windows open to enjoy the breeze. We also have planters just right outside the windows so it’s nice to watch the plants from w/in.  Oh, how I miss those days!

Perhaps with Zoey we will read to her in this space and at last it will serve its intended purpose. Funny how everything just fits and makes sense with Zoey!

The silk decorative pillows above are diy’s. For tutorial, go here.

This table was perfect for the space. Found it at Homegoods for $25! Love a bargain.

I am never caught w/o a lip balm. I use them every morning and night and many times throughout the day. This love & toast lemon mint one has a nice refreshing sting to it. Rosebud tins are also one of my favorites. They tend to last forever!

Love the uniformity!

This Christian Dior necklace was given to me by my sis in law. I’ve never worn it anywhere but once for my wedding. Perhaps I should wear it more often, no?

I like to arrange roses very close to the vase’s opening. The more compact and uniform, the better. Keep it simple. In fact, I like to arrange all  flowers in monotony- hydrangeas w/ hydrangeas, peonies w/ peonies.  Nothing adventurous when it comes to flower arrangements. 

We shaved Zoey’s beautiful thick locks! Can’t wait til she has a full head of hair again!

This book was gifted by one of my former colleagues. Super cute and funny!

Hope you created a special reading area where you can enjoy the pleasures of getting lost in a book. That hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. Maybe it’s time to start reading again. 

Til next post, Kellie


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