Sushi, Sashimi + ect.

Ever since we found this local fish market spot, we’ve been consuming sashimi more than usual. This weekend was no exception. And with my sister in town, it was the perfect excuse to go sushi crazy.

Truly, why go to a sushi restaurant when you can prepare your own at home for equally or even better quality sashimi? For the price, quality, and quantity- home prepared is well worth it.

You know you have a good piece of sushi grade tuna when the color is deepish vibrant red + almost translucent. This is about 1 lb, and for about $23/lb, you get so much more sashimi slices for your money.

I can imagine that uni is an acquired taste. Once you get the hang of it, it’s such a simple delicacy. It tastes really fresh, light, airy, + buttery. Great w/ a squeeze of lemon. I’ve eaten bad uni before and it’s not a great experience.

Fresh sea urchin shell. I saw this at the market and I was floored.

Sushi grade scallops – roughly $18/lb. They are so sweet and fresh tasting.

A plate of heaven- tuna, salmon, uni, + scallops. My husband likes to eat these heavenly bites with just soy sauce and horseradish. I tend to like it that way too rather than the usual wasabi + soy sauce combo.

I made these sushi roasted eel rolls.

Super easy to make- roasted eel, cucumbers, avocado, + fish roe.

My sister in law’s husband made these- it was an impromptu idea. We call it the Frank T. spicy salmon poppers.

We also had a full plate of freshly shucked oysters and littleneck clams.

Lemon + horseradish- a must!

And of course, the usual suspect- cocktail sauce.

Have you tried eating raw clams? More often, cherrystone clams are eaten raw but I find it too big. I like littleneck clams better for this purpose. My husband is not a big fan of raw clams but I love it!

I hope you find this post full of eye candy. But if you are not a sushi/oyster fan, I can understand that too. Kinda.

Til next post, Kellie.

5 thoughts on “Sushi, Sashimi + ect.

  1. Oh my mouth is watering. I can’t wait to give birth so I can have raw fish again. Guess I’ll stick with ice cream for now. Beautiful pics.


  2. You’ve got me salivating! And Jayden is too, but probably because of a different reason… I should go get a bib… for him! not me 😛


  3. Oh my that all looks sooo good! I can’t eat sushi right now and your pictures are making my mouth water!


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