Sweet Yams- Homemade Baby Food.

I just started Zoey on solids probably one month ago. She is starting out with fruits and veggies. So far she doesn’t like avocados or apples (too tart). She loves bananas, yellow squash, and sweet yams. It’s ridiculous the price of baby food out there. One jar of 4oz is anywhere from 90cents to $1.50, and if you go organic, forget it. 

Preparing your baby’s food is not only more economical, but healthier (no preservatives), and you know exactly what goes into it. The ingredients are just so pure. 

Here’s how I made baby food with sweet yams. So simple and easy I’m almost insulting your intelligence. 

I cut them into equal pieces before boiling so they can cook faster and evenly. 

After about 20 mins, the yams are tender and ready to puree. I wait until they are cooled down first before pureeing. 

Voila! This will last Zoey for 3 days. I keep the puree batch in the fridge. I also sneaked in some baby rice cereal. (I usually do this with all her baby food, but if a puree is too runny then I use the rice cereal to thicken it up). She’ll never know! And it gives her the added benefits of iron, zinc, and Vitamins E and B.

Can’t you tell she wants more?!

On a side note, Zoey loves to hold mommy’s hands!

And no, I don’t use the baby bullet. That’s silly. Any blender will do. However, we have a separate one just for Zoey. We don’t want her food to smell like garlic, onions, or whatever remnant smell in ours!

Til next post, Kellie. 

19 thoughts on “Sweet Yams- Homemade Baby Food.

  1. The kids I worked with that parents take the time to make their own baby food seem to enjoy more types of food and are at a healthier weight. A great idea as yams are healthy.


  2. I haven started making my own puree but they are already in my to-do list! anyway, steaming the food might be better as it retain more nutrients than cooking them in water =)
    How old is Zoey? she is so cute!


  3. I can’t wait to start making food for my LO, she starts solids in 2 weeks. I can’t stand how disgusting the store bought foods look in those awful jars. BTW, thanks for liking my blog! I’ll be sure to check in more often! Congrats on LO, she’s precious!


  4. I absolutely agree! At first I thought making my own baby food would be too hard or I’d screw it up somehow but it is ridiculously easy and the benefits outweigh the time. I never thought to use ice tray though I did use the separate blender. Great ideas!


  5. Totally agree, about making your own baby food and about the Baby Bullet. Do you have a food processor or a blender? Well, then you are good to go. 😉


  6. Hubby and I were talking about premade baby food the other day and how we don’t want to feed our kiddo all of the perservatives and chemicals they contain. A friend of ours was telling me when she had kids she would blend up different things and if she made too much she would fill an ice tray with it and freeze it. Then she could just pull out individual blocks and defrost and heat them so she always had homemade food on hand.


    1. Steph- that’s a great idea although our freezer is so jammed packed with junk that it would be hard to find space to store her batches of baby food in it. Perhaps, I will work on cleaning out our freezer!


  7. Kellie,

    We just started Avery on solids last month and after I see which ones he likes the best (we started with Gerber Purees) I’m going to start making homemade baby food. So happy you posted this! I’m going to cook some sweet potatoes first (he loves them!). Haven’t tried yams yet though…

    Making homemade food is so much cheaper and healthier! So glad to see another mommy doing it!


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