{ Chocolate + Tea } on a Wet, Cold Morning

For me the morning has started early, since 5am. This has been almost a daily ritual since the inception of Ms. Zoey Le into the family. Looking back, I would never imagine that 5am wake up calls would be part of the routine.

During the old college days, if I had a class at 1pm, I would sleep in until 12:30pm. Morning classes were avoided so I can do just that. It was the most wonderful thing and I didn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t sleep in if they can or why someone would opt for a 7am class. To me that would be torturous. 

Now, I would be happy to get 6 hrs. of continuous sleep and wake up by 7am. 

Reminiscing done. Reality settles in. Zoey is sound asleep. It’s her morning nap and outside is gloomy. The pavement is damp with drizzles of rain. What to do on such a morning?

Chocolate + tea, of course. Perhaps even a book. But don’t get too excited, it’s a cookbook. 

A soup cookbook seems the most appropriate for a gloomy, rainy, and cold day. Maybe I’ll be inspired to cook soup for dinner. 

Teavana is so clever, dark chocolate + green tea in one. Fulfill your chocolate cravings while enjoying the antioxidant benefits of both. Talk about guilt free pleasures!

The chocolate coin is aesthetically wrapped in a bronze foil. 

Lately, I have an obsession for matcha, green tea powder. Just add it to a cup of hot water and you’re all set. Perfect for the waistline too. 

To the green tea, I add some Korean tea. It’s a mixture of roasted brown rice, corn, tiny popcorn (odd, I know), and green tea leaves. My sister was so impressed with the taste, she sent me a batch. Toasty and nutty, I love it!

A perfect combination. 

What do you usually do on a rainy day?

Til next post, Kellie


4 thoughts on “{ Chocolate + Tea } on a Wet, Cold Morning

  1. Sewing/quilting is first then reading. Reading a book, first, then blogs. Been a little while since we had a (warm) rain. Looking forward to those again:-D


  2. I also try to read on a rainy day when possible but that may all change soon when the baby arrives. A warm bath and some hot tea are also at the top of my list. Chocolate is on the list every day though whether rain or shine!


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