Le Zoe Musings on Pinterest

Just found out that some of my postings have been pinned on Pinterest! I was a bit surprised and humbled at the same time. I started this blog merely 2 weeks ago to share what I love to do (create) and hope that someone would be interested enough to read it. 

I can’t believe how much this blog has blown up, my postings have been on tastespotting, craftgawker, dwellinggawker, foodgawker, and now pinterest! I now have hundreds of followers and almost 10,500 page views. Thanks to all my followers and readers who can find inspiration, calm, creativity, and some sort of indulgence in these pages of Le Zoe Musings.

I hope to continue this journey with the same rate of success. I’m currently working on some really exciting projects and will share when the time comes. 

I’ll stop here before I provoke your gag reflex! 

To go to Le Zoe Musings on Pinterest, click on link: http://pinterest.com/source/lezoemusings.wordpress.com/

If you have a pinterest account, pin away! 

Love to create. Hope to inspire. 

Til next post, Kellie

7 thoughts on “Le Zoe Musings on Pinterest

  1. Yay! Amazing accomplishment in such a short time and in general! I had pinned your ABC frame the other day. It’s such a darling idea. I’ve been blogging for awhile and don’t have the success by half you do. (Yes, I’m jealous, but in awe!) I might need tips from you! Congrats and blessings on your continued success.


  2. i definitely pinned your abc frame today! so cute! congrats on all the accomplishments! 🙂 keep creating and sharing!


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