Revisiting Barcelona

The most impressive thing about Barcelona was this massive outside food market. It had everything imaginable and was one of the most spectacular sight I’ve experienced. 

In the public train station- shot taken by the talented husband.

The lightest and yummiest croissant ever- w/ ham and cheese. 

We rented a condo in the heart of the city for a week. I love that it’s open and modern with high ceilings.

We bought green + mission figs, prosciutto, baguette, and foie gras from the market for next day’s brunch. 

Oh, how  I miss foie gras!

Strolling through the streets of Barcelona. This was when I scored two amazing bracelets. 

Went to this awesome tapas restaurant for dinner. Love the artsy decor. 

How original- menu on a wine glass bottle. 

Til next post, Kellie


21 thoughts on “Revisiting Barcelona

  1. Gee I wish I made it to the market. But next time you go make sure you get tickets for a concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana and go early enough to enjoy the tapas and drinks.


  2. I love Barcelona beautiful city that is well worth a visit at almost any time of year. Thanks for posting it brough back many good memories and also thanks for the visit to my blogg.


  3. Barcelona is great! I m from Madrid and I have to say that in BCN I can find the cosmopolitan spirit that we don t have in Madrid… But this tradition makes of Madrid a special city too


  4. Awesome fotos! Barça is a beautiful city, congratulate the husband on the shots, they are something else. What is the name of the restaurant with the menu on bottle?


  5. My husband and I are going to Barcelona in July. We have never been before and after seeing your photos I am even more excited. Is there anywhere you think we shouldn’t miss seeing? I can’t wait to visit the market. Suex


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