Pieces in the Closet

There’s something about a woman’s closet that’s always intriguing. You can sense  her personality, demeanor, and style from the pieces in her closet. Her perfume, accessories, shoes tell you many things. 

So I thought this would be a fun post. Here are some of the pieces from my closet. 

These ranunculus reminds me so much of spring. 

Found this gorgeous white pair of leather gloves from a thrift shop. It was 2 bucks! I don’t wear it, it’s too precious. I use it for decor. Do you go thrift hunting? That’s one of my favorite things to do. Whenever my husband and I go on road trips, we always try to visit local thrift shops- always on the agenda. If you’re not thrift shopping, you’re missing out! How else can you find unique treasures?

The fine leather material of the gloves feels so luxurious.

Love me a big statement ring!

What are your favorite pieces from your closet and how do they define you?

Stay fabulous!

Til next post, Kellie


12 thoughts on “Pieces in the Closet

  1. yes I love thrift shops…because it’s where you find unique items that you can’t find in malls/stores..:)


  2. Amazing collections! Hey I am working on a blog about comfy & stylish shoes! If you happen to know any brands tht accommodate comfort & looks in one shoe! Pls tell me! It’ll be greatly appreciated! Cheers


  3. Wonderful posts. I am just in love with gloves ever since my Grandma gave me my first pair.


  4. You have a very intriguing sense of style. The photograph was a lovely mix of modern (the goldtone cuff), and vintage (the white leather gloves). Do you know when the white gloves date from? I’m a thrift shopper myself, and have found some beautiful pieces over the years.


  5. Those shoes! They’re stunning.

    As for thrift-store shopping, it’s not something I’ve quite mastered yet – but it’s definitely on the agenda. I dream of finding something elaborate and one of a kind from eras gone by.


  6. What a wonderful idea! I had never even thought about what’s inside my closet! I love the shoes and the ring! I have eye glasses by lulu and love them – my favorite pair! Thanks so much for sharing .. great pictures, very vibrant!


  7. Well, I’m not the biggest fashion buff, but I still enjoy reading your posts. Anyways, thats a great color of purple, my little one would go bananas for them.


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