Fortnum & Mason Tea

What is everyone having to help get you through a tough Monday morning?

For me, it’s Fortnum  & Mason Black Tea in Fruit Vanilla. 

Kinda loving this tray to organize my thoughts. 

LOVE hydrangeas! My husband and I have a little love affair obsession with them. 

Sometimes I like my tea a tiny sweet. For this, rock sugar satisfies the craving. 

Hope you have a great Monday! It’s busy here at the Le Zoe studio. Alot of creating, designing, and decisions to make. I feel a little scattered brain so I must make use of my vision book to set priorities and lay down some thoughts. 

Til next  post, Kellie


14 thoughts on “Fortnum & Mason Tea

  1. Beautiful photos! I love tea, too, and have at least 30 different kinds in my cabinet right now, although some are tisanes. Here are two of my favorite tea places: TeaLula,, a beautiful place to sit and sip, with lovely people working there and, for buying tea (which I do in-store), The Tea House: (beautiful, new website coming very soon. I just saw the beta version.) Stop by again any time and I’ll be doing the same.


  2. Inspirational images, def loved the visit and intend to follow you. All of your awesome followers and bloggers have cast great light on you and your creations.
    Best wishes and kindest regards,


  3. Reblogged this on Tea Love and commented:
    Le Zoe Musings, if I recall correctly, found me a while back and liked one of my blog posts. Since then, I have followed her blog and have been enraptured by her amazing photography! Today’s photography? Tea 🙂 I felt this deserved a special post. Enjoy!


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