Zoey’s Nursery Boutique

I always knew I didn’t want Zoey to have a girly girl room. No barbie dolls or princess themes- can be cute but just not for us. I already had a vision for her nursery- white, simple, modern, and lots of diy projects from mommy + daddy. I wanted the nursery to have the reminiscence of a boutique. A baby retail boutique.

Daddy used this fabric to make her changing station cover, bedskirt, and bedsheets. 

And he also made the decorative pillows and matching foot rest. We love daddy! 

We added the extra hanging space here both for aesthetics and space saver. Her closet was getting overflowed!

The goal is to have her shop in her own room so she doesn’t feel the need to go elsewhere!

I love these small cubes to display her shoe collection.

Zoey’s hand and foot prints at 1 mth. 

Zoey used to fit this tiny newborn top! Now it’s a special keepsake. 

It took us many months to finish her nursery and we put in alot of effort and love into this space. Perhaps you can find some ideas here for your baby’s nursery. 

Til next post, Kellie.


48 thoughts on “Zoey’s Nursery Boutique

  1. Thanks for liking my latest post. Just been having a browse around your beautiful blog and its seems its a very small world – pinned your pom pom nursery picture on my pinterest board the other day! Had the same pom poms for my summer wedding a few years back – so clever and look beautiful in a nursery.


  2. What you have done with this nursery is just stunning. I think Zoey is a lucky little girl to have a mommy and daddy who love her so much and who have made her a beauitiful space. Its every mother’s dream to be able to create such a warm area. I don’t have any children – but I hope one day to be able to make such a lovely spot for them. I love all her little outfits – for now I try to make knitted baby apparel and toys – I recently wrote about it on my blog, perhaps you may find it interesting. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world…


    1. Thank you for your kind words! Your blog is so cool! I’m impressed that you are planning to knit booties and such for the baby. I am not that talented! Best, Kellie


  3. That’s a great room! I’m not a fan of the “girly-girl” stuff either. You have a lot of the same ideas a me! I might steal some others too! 🙂


    1. Hello Appleseed + sprout! What a lovely blog/website you have! Please contact me using the Connect (message) sidebar on the right column to discuss more about featuring Zoey’s nursery. I would love to move forward. Thanks! Best, Kellie.


  4. What a beautiful space! Your blog is very nice and very thoughtfully laid out. Thank you for liking my introductory post. Your blog has been added to my favorites- or it will be as soon as I can figure out HOW!


  5. Beautiful room:). I am in the middle of giving my little girl her own room (she’s turning 2) and your approach is inspiring.


  6. Such a sweet little room! It’s still girly, just not in the predictable, overly done kind of way. This way’s simple, clean and sophisticated. I love the boutique concept — what a great idea. I was also planning on displaying my daughter’s little shoes on some sort of shelf — love the way yours look!


  7. You and your husband have such wonderful talents! I’m in love with your work! Can you fly to Australia and do my house? lol!


  8. Her room is fantastic. You must be super proud of achieving such an amazing look. Can you please come round and sort my house out? There’s tea and cake in it for you 😉


  9. A fabolous room for a baby fashionista :). And I love these flower-like decorations above the cradle.


  10. I’ve been going through a lot of your entries. Your daughter is SO lucky to have a mum like you 🙂


  11. Beautiful! I love what you have done with her nursery!

    We are also doing lots of white in the baby’s room. I did not want the traditional boy stuff and so our decor is robots and rocket ships all in bright colors to stand out against the white.


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