DIY ~ Customizing w/ Japanese Paper

There are so many ways to customize your space. One of my favorite is to use fine Japanese paper, pattern + color by choice and cover it onto ordinary, everyday items. 

This way you’ll know that no one else has what you have and b/c there are so many arrays of different patterns/colors combination, you can easily find one to match your theme. 

As seen on a previous post, these swatches represent the color scheme for my bedroom. The green silk fabric was used for pillows (Silk Decorative Pillows) and picture frames, the white silk fabric was used for our headboard (unfinished) which you can see in this post Blessed w/ a Kiss, and lastly the Damask Japanese paper was used for customizing ordinary items. 

Unless otherwise specified, this general adhesive spray was the only type of adhesive used. 

This pen holder was actually once a ceramic candle container which had no more use once the wax was burnt off.  I just gave it a face lift and another function by wrapping it w/ the Japanese paper. The rhinestones were glued using glue gun. 

This kleenex box was an ordinary stainless steel one from Ikea. It now looks super luxurious and sooo customized!

And lastly, I used the remnants of the paper and the green silk fabric to cover this wood frame. I have two of these so I just alternated the patterns. You can see these frames in the post, An Inspirational Workspace

You can purchase Japanese papers at PapersourceA tip to remember is never spray directly onto the paper instead spray on the surface of the items. Because these papers are so delicate the spray may bleed through. Also, do this outside b/c you don’t want adhesive aerosols all over your abode!

Imagine all the other items that you can customize w/ these fine papers. Above are just a few that I’ve done for my home. Let your imagination run wild!

Til next post, Kellie


9 thoughts on “DIY ~ Customizing w/ Japanese Paper

  1. Gorgeous! I used to work in Soho in NYC, right near Kate’s Paperie, and I loved wandering around looking at all of that gorgeous paper, but could never justify purchasing any (though i coveted it) since I couldn’t think of any uses for it….. You have inspired me, and possibly put a serious hole in my wallet!


  2. This is a great idea! I’m always drawn to these papers when I see them at Papersource or art supply stores. I have some cardboard clothing storage boxes from IKEA in the bedroom that I’ve been meaning to give a facelift to, and now I’m thinking this might just work. I just hope the sheets are big enough (the boxes are pretty large!)


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