{ Banh Mi` } Vietnamese Sandwiches.

We went to our most favorite Banh Mi shop this weekend. Super affordable and quick, it’s a perfect choice for an easy, satisfying lunch. 

Less than 3 bucks!

For me, it’s all about the jalapeno peppers.

And we also spent a whole $2.50 for this dish. Crispy roasted chicken skin on top of sweet rice w/ sauteed scallions. So yummy & dirt cheap!

And as always, went around shopping. This time to home depot to get seeds. We are all already for our gardening days to begin!

Shopping is so much more fun for us and Zoey now that she can sit upright. It must be so interesting for her to see all these different places and people. 

And still clingy as always! Love to grab onto mommy. 

Til next post, Kellie

5 thoughts on “{ Banh Mi` } Vietnamese Sandwiches.

  1. Hi Asian sister, Cám ơn for the like! We love your lovely photographs and careful eye for all things beautiful. The little one is adorable. Looking forward to following!


  2. Ugh…Looks so good! And I am hungry, and craving, and pregnant, and have no food in the house that looks this good at 11:30pm…
    I’ll just lust after your photos..


  3. DH thought the crispy chicken skin on sweet rice with scallions was Awesome!!!! Love your post.Yup, the little ones really are so much fun to take shopping. Their eyes just shine!!!


  4. Your photos made me realize that lunch is more than a little overdue! I need some good banh mi in my neighborhood!


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