Five Guys.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Weekends for us has always been about family time and it’s pretty much the same routine- shopping, eating, and sometimes movie night (at home!). During the warmer months, we often take weekend trips to nearby towns. Hopefully, we will continue that tradition w/ Ms. Zoey this coming summer. 

Well, the weather is still pretty chill so no town visits. We went to this newly opened hamburger joint- Five Guys. Not much to say about the hamburgers, however, the coke vending machine is an experience in itself. Worth coming back just for these vending machines. 

How cool do these touchscreen coke machines look?!

Plentiful options!

Options w/in options! Really. When you choose Fanta, 7 flavors of Fanta come up to select from. 

Even Minute Maid has it’s own variety of flavors. We caught the guys refilling these coke machines, and it was basically cartridges that they replaced. Similar to ink cartridges. So cool. 

There is also a separate station for different tea flavors. My favorite is the sweet green tea. 

And while you wait, all you can eat salted roast peanuts. 

Cajun flavored fries were delish! They are not skimpy w/ those fries!!

Hamburger was just OK. Although you can add as many toppings/sauces as you’d like, it was still too bland tasting for me. The bread also got too mushy. 

And here are some fun family pics fr. our shopping adventure afterwards!

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “Five Guys.

  1. I assume the Five Guys you went to is pretty much the same as the one I visited 2 summers ago. I wasn’t impressed either! When all was said and done, I told my husband that what we spent was NOT worth the food we got and we’d have been better off getting some dollar burgers from Wendy’s!

    As for the vending machine, not gonna lie! When I fist saw one of these in a Firehouse Subs back in September I thought it was THE coolest thing on the planet! I took photos with my phone and showed EVERYONE!

    Love your photos! SUPER cute baby! 😀


  2. :O our five guys here in philly isn’t NEARLY that cool!
    I need to have a talk with the guy running five guys here.


  3. I’m actually a pretty big fan of their burgers but I like them plain. Everyone raves about their sweet tea selection – much improved over just soda and hi-c!


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