Paris { Je’Taime } 2

A few of you have requested that I post this sooner than later so here’s part 2 of Paris!

How can you not visit Printemps while in Paris, the fashion capital of the world? This mall has all the high end retailers imaginable. If you are not here to dent your wallet at least come to witness the magnificent architectural design of the space. 

All the spices in the world!

How can you eat something so perfect and pretty?

This was at the Louvre Museum which used to be a palace. It is so gorgeous and romantic at night. A must see!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! 

Til next post, Kellie.


10 thoughts on “Paris { Je’Taime } 2

  1. I am just back from Paris with my two boys (they loved it) but I just wanted to stop by and say I am so impressed at your doing Paris in heels – love the photography!


  2. Great pictures! Paris is one of my favorite places in the world. So much to see & such well dressed people-did you notice the children´s style? So very different from Denmark ( also well-dressed here, but different) & inspiring-I guess very Bonpoint´ish.


  3. Sigh….J’adore Paris! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos and keeping the dream alive for those of us who hope to grace them with our presence one day!


  4. beautiful! we visited when i was very young (12 I think) and I hope to go back someday and see paris with the eyes of an adult rather than as a child.


  5. These are lovely photos – I hope you’ll post more!!! I’m telling my husband that we must stop at that mall when we visit in July! Also, would you mind listing any good bed & breakfasts that you are familiar with in Paris?


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